Zoe Scoglio 
MASS is an invitation to consider ourselves as geology in motion – from the metal in our cars to the minerals in our bodies and the iron at our earth’s core. Made for this era of the Anthropocene, when human activity is threatening the natural order of our world, MASS takes you on a journey that farewells an obsolete system and speculates what forces might drive us to action when faced with the potential for our own extinction.

120m 00s
Concept, Direction, Choreography: Zoe Scoglio
Sound: Marco Cher-Gibard and Zoe Scoglio
Light: Katie Sfetkidis
Dramaturge: Jason Maling + Martyn Coutts (Field Theory)
Shiny and Reflective Objects: Crystal Diamond and Debris Facility
Commissioned by Field Theory as part of their 2015 Site is Set program

Camera: James Wright, Polly Stanton, Benjamin Walbrook
Editor: Zoe Scoglio
Format: Sony A7S