Stephanie Lake
The aorta is the elastic artery that lies at the centre of our physical system. Consisting of smooth muscle, nerves and cells it is the central corridor that branches from the heart: our ticking clock. Inspired by the metronomic nature of the heart as it charts the unwinding of time, AORTA is a work that turns the body inside out.
            Integrating Stephanie Lake's physically complex and visceral movement style, three male dancers and an original composition by Robin Fox, AORTA is a work that brings the interior workings of the body – the surge of blood, our biomechanical impulses – to the surface. Exploring growth and decay, electricity and magnetism AORTA dissects the notion that at any given moment we are both alive and dying.

22 – 30 Nov 13
Chunky Move Studios
60m 00s

Direction & Choreography: Stephanie Lake
Composition & Lighting: Robin Fox
Projection: Design Rhian Hinkley
Costume: Design Shio Otani
Performers: James Batchelor, Josh Mu, James Pham
Photography: Eugene Perepletchikov, Dale Cochrane, James Wright
Editor: James Wright
Format: Canon C300MKII