Shelley Lasica
The Design Plot
The Design Plot (2016 – ), is an ongoing performance project by Shelley Lasica in collaboration with dancers Ellen Davies, Timothy Harvey, Louella Hogan, Daniel Newell, Lilian Steiner, and Jo White and moving image artist James Wright. The project has previously been staged at RMIT Design Hub, MPavilion, Gertrude Glasshouse, Minanoie and the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club.

Each utterance considers the various ways that spaces are inhabited, designing three-dimensional space through choreography and time. Delving into the problematic nature of improvisation, the work explores the agency of the performers as they adapt to each given location, shifting with each context and audience exchange.
Duration 50m00s
Director James Wright
Cinematography James Wright, Eugene Perepletchikov
Sound recordist Benjamin Walbrook
Editor James Wright
Gauge RED Weapon, Helium