Shelley Lasica
Solos for Other People
Solos for Other People explores how information is transmitted between a choreographer and ten dancers, and how that evolves into a performance that encompasses and implicates the audience, just by being there. The space, a basketball gymnasium, is redolent of performance, activity and familiarity. However, things may not be quite as they seem.            Solos for Other People is about how we move in the world as agents and observers, continually making decisions and assessing our options: finding our way.

45m 00s
Dance Massive 2015

Choreographer & Director: Shelley Lasica
Music: Milo Kossowski
Composition: Anne-Marie May
Lighting Design: Rose Connors Dance
Costume Design: Belinda Hellier Performers Natalie Abbott, Deanne Butterworth, Timothy Harvey, Jo Lloyd, Daniel Newell, Bonnie Paskas, Lily Paskas, Deborah Saxon, Lee Serle, Kylie Walters
Producer: Kyle Kremerskothen

Camera: James Wright, Polly Stanton
Editor: James Wright
Format: Blackmagic Cinema Camera