Phillip Adams BalletLab
Four men, who each identify as one of – poof, queer, homo, fag – and also happen to be choreographers, come together to articulate how their individual and collective desires intersect with art, life and sexuality. Phillip Adams, Matthew Day, Luke George and Rennie McDougall have each choreographed, performed and come together on one work: Kingdom          Penetrating each other’s artistic territories, with hierarchies contested and maps continually redrawn, Kingdom is an encounter with their ideas of Otherness. The work of art, the choreography of work, queer literatures dismantled, streams of unconsciousness rendered, a noise choir, entanglements of orgasmic breathing, ecstatic energy, radical intimacies, a manifestation of gold.             Kingdom is an inquiry into process, performative exchanges and responses between these four artists, on their masculinity and the body. Kingdom has engaged an openly utopian process where the performers experience themselves in alternative agreed, communal configurations.

18 – 22 March 2015
Dance Massive
Arts House Meat Market
80m 00s

Camera: James Wright, Eugene Perepletchikov
Editor: James Wright
Format: Blackmagic Cinema Camera