Phillip Adams BalletLab —
‘I met God and it was a glorious, absolute reduction to pink and a series of television talk show appearances.’

Presented in celebration of Phillip Adams BalletLab’s 20th anniversary year, Glory embodies a philosophical ritualising of choreographic traditions, cinema, irreverence and conceptual art.

Glory evolved from source material including Bach’s Brandenburg Concerti, Hollywood TV sit-coms, and the art of Yves Klein. Frenetic, intricate and relentlessly virtuosic dancing culminates in a revelation of the “almighty” through a saturation of the colour pink.

Glory brings together balletic opulence with seemingly incongruous pop culture references, overstimulating the audience with an abundance of ideas in order to playfully validate and mock the notion of an artist-Creator. Glory splices together revelations and experiences of the divine.
Length: 50 minutes
Projection design: James Wright
Camera: James Wright, Wilson Bambrick
Editor: James Wright
Gauge: RED Helium
Client: Phillip Adams BalletLab

Choreography, Concept & Direction: Phillip Adams
 Ben Hurley, Oliver Savariego, Rachael Wisby, Samuel Harnett-Welk
Set design:
 Phillip Adams, bluebottle (Ben Cobham & Andrew Livingston)
Light design:
 bluebottle (Ben Cobham & Andrew Livingston)
 The Huxleys
 Johann Sebastian Bach