Phillip Adams BalletLab —
EVER presents two iconic 20th century chamber music works—John Adams’ Shaker Loops and Richard Strauss’ Metamorphosen—in an exhilarating choreographic and visually cinematic feast.

Six extraordinary dancers create an everlasting cycle of loops and oscillating ecstatic rhythms, investigating themes of permutation, transformation and the infinite.

EVER is a painterly expression of vibrant minimalism and chromatic Romanticism morphing Shaker and Quaker roots and nostalgic tropes of the American West. Fashion icon Akira Isogawa, moving image artist James Wright and lighting designer Matthew Adey collaborate with Adams on this sublimely modernist interpretation which glides across the music.

Duration: 60 minutes
Short film: James Wright
Camera: James Wright
Editor: James Wright, Phillip Adams
Gauge: Red Epic-W Helium
Client: Phillip Adams BalletLab