Matthew Bird 
Collaborarion with Matthew Bird (Installation, sculpture, performance) for the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, Palazzo Mora.
            Sarcophagus invites audiences to experience an immersive environment of simulated sleep-states. This multidimensional architectural installation renders creative curiosities of biological and induced respite, challenging a range of aesthetic, cultural and behavioural concerns. Users are invited to physically occupy the installation offering an unusual interactive experience. The environment is dynamic with the interior transforming with the aid of a multichannel film, filling the intimate chamber with abstract cinematic and meditative sound and imagery.
Duration 04m00s
Director James Wright
Cinematographer James Wright
Editor James Wright
Performance Lillian Steiner
Sound Composition J. David Franzke
Still Photography Peter Bennetts
Gauge RED Epic Dragon
Client Studiobird

Project supported by Monash University and the Australia Council for the Arts