Lz Dunn 
Using computer modelling, scientists identify three simple rules that enable the synchronised movement of bird flocks: separation, alignment and cohesion.
            Informed by flocking studies and queer ecology, Aeon is activated by silence, sound, civic responsibility and personal desire. A playful push through public space and private discomfort, this participatory experiment in group behaviour questions what it means to be natural.
            Co-created by a team of multidisciplinary artists, Aeon lands a portable speaker in your palm and invites you to walk between soaring clouds of wings and piles of pigeon poo, towards a paradoxical and uncertain horizon.

Vitalstatistix Adelaide
60m 00s

Concept & Artistic Lead: Lz Dunn
Sound design: Lawrence English
Movement & Choreography: Shian Law
Dramaturgy: Lara Thoms
Production Manager: Liz Young
Produced by: Performing Lines

Camera: James Wright
Editor: James Wright
Format: Canon C300