Luke George
Public Actions
Art as an avalanche in an unstable landscape. Provoked by the debilitating culture of individualism today, Public Actions rallies the audience as mobilised citizens. When the lines between observation and participation become blurred, artist and audience may enter into a collaborative relationship and work together to reconsider the question of art as a force for social cohesion.
            Public Actions involves a compelling and diverse group of artists in a series of ruptures in the theatre. Parts 1 and 2, Public Action and Group Action are performative ‘happenings’, that terraforms the theatre and instigates a mass displacement and relocation. Part 3, A Call To Actions, is an exhibition of recorded documents of public happenings in public spaces.
            The three-part work highlights situations where bodies and objects, the artist and the public negotiate the social codes behind their collective actions.

12 — 16 March 2019
Dance Massive 
Arts House
75 minutes

Lead artist, Concept & Choreography: Luke George
Sound & Video artist: Nick Roux
Performers: Brooke Powers, Latai Taumoepeau, Leah Landau, Luke George, Melanie Lane, Nick Roux, Russell Walsh, Timothy Harvey
Lighting design: Matthew Adey for Beizj Studio

Camera: James Wright
Editor: James Wright
Format: RED Helium