Jo Lloyd & Eva Rothschild
Bringing together ten of Melbourne’s leading contemporary dancers, Lloyd will create a choreographic system based on the concept of taming a city, augmented landscapes, borrowed scenery, shared fictions and the endeavour of pilgrimage. The performers will negotiate Eva Rothschild’s sculptures choreographically, both verbally and non-verbally, in a live performance.

Lloyd’s choreographic methodology incorporates the use of set and ever-evolving parameters for the performers and herself to continually negotiate live. Her choreography examines information which resides in the body and requires the performers to fuel movement through intersecting fantasy and memory.

The concepts and themes in Eva Rothschild’s sculptural work resonate strongly with Lloyd’s practice, particularly with the ambiguity between renewal and collapse, structure and fluidity, open and closed forms.

1 Oct 18
Melbourne Internation Arts Festival
60 minutes

Choreography: Jo lloyd
Dancers: Deanne butterworth, Belle Frahn-Starkie, Sheridan Gerrard, Hillary Goldsmith, Rebecca Jensen, Shian Law, Claire Leske, Jo Lloyd, Harrison Richie-Jones and Thomas Woodman.
Music: Duane Morrison
Costuming: By Eva Rothschild in Collaboration with Andrew Treloar
Producer: Michaela coventry, Sage Arts

Cutout has been commissioned by acca for the exhibition eva rothschild: kosmos presented by ACCA in association with the Melbourne International Arts Festival. Cutout is supported by the dance board, the Australia Council for the Arts and The Substation.

Camera: James Wright, Eugene Perepletchikov
Editor: James Wright
Format: RED Helium