Hiromi Tango
Lizard Tail (Dawn)
The human embryo has a tail which progressively atrophies as the embryo becomes the foetus which then becomes the neonate. This developmental change is the earliest representation of how the human being can and does change through time and experience. Hiromi Tango has created the artwork “Breaking Cycle (Lizard Tail)”. This work references the reptilian behaviour of autotomy where some lizards are able to self-amputate their tail as a self-protective mechanism. The lizard may return after the danger has dissipated to eat the tail for sustenance. The art practice of Hiromi Tango reflects her belief in the protective, cathartic and reparative aspects of art. The work not only comprises of delicate armatures of woven thread and cloth but also a mirror which references the mirroring process that may occur in a therapeutic engagement and alludes to the deeper contextual meaning of the work.

8m 00s
Melbourne Art Fair 2018

Performer: Hiromi Tango
Camera: James Wright
Editor: James Wright
Composer: Ludodowwn
Format: RED Helium