Geoffrey Watson 
You've been at rock bottom for so long, you wouldn't even recognise desire if it looked you dead in the eye. Why don't you make like yeast and rise up?            Drawing on the legend of God designing the camel from spare parts of other animals, Geoffrey Watson's Camel exists in the choreographic hinterland between text, wearable design, dance and music performance. Using the animal's story as a metaphor for creative intuition, this collision of artforms presents Camel as a bold contemporary emotional innovation strategy.            Mixed metaphors and disparate historical influences are made to sit uncomfortably next to each other like sisters and brothers on a hotel bed. All fired up with nowhere to go, Camel is an ardently futilitarian protest performance without agenda.
Duration 80m00s
Choreography, Text and Design Geoffrey Watson
Performers Geoffrey Watson, Nana Biluš Abaffy, Alice Heyward and Michael McNab

Photography Eugene Perepletchikov, James Wright
Editor James Wright
Gauge Canon C300 MKII
Client Geoffrey Watson