Chunky Move
Yung Lung
Yung Lung is a hybrid party/performance for the end of days – a rave on Mount Olympus. It centres around a monolithic audio-visual podium that is a stage for the dancers, possessed and propelled by an extreme barrage of visual content trawled from the depths of the digital universe. The work lays siege to the space as upright techno shatters sound barriers and video burns retinas, in an abrasive communion between hard tech and babyfaced bodies. Yung Lung is a techno treatise and party prophecy where history is buried under feet that stomp beyond the information age.

1 – 12 February 2022
Melbourne Premiere Season
The Substation

Creative Team
Concept, Direction & Choreography: Antony Hamilton
Set Design: Callum Morton
Composition/Sound Design: Chiara Kickdrum
Lighting Design: Bosco Shaw
Costume Design: P.A.M.
Video Content Creation: Kris Moyes
Video Content Assemblage: Kris Moyes, Antony Hamilton and Nicholas Moloney

Madeleine Bowman, Rachel Coulson, Marni Green, Samuel Harnett-Welk, Cody Lavery, Summer Penney, Damian Meredith
Original Cast: Ren

Production Team
Stage Manager: Lyndie Li Wan Po
Video Realisation and Programming: Nick Moloney
Audio Engineer: Gideon Cozens
Technical Operator: Siobhain Geaney
Production Manager: Blair Hart

This work includes footage from the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

Camera: James Wright, Jensen Cope, Eva Otsing, Wilson Bambrick
Editor: James Wright
Format: RED Helium, C300MKII