Chunky Move
Depth of Field
Depth of Field is summoned from the twilight in a cascade of simultaneous realities and chance encounters. The change of light over an hour is a movement in time. A chance meeting in the street switches our focus in a blink. We experience these phase shifts every day, but they pass by without lasting notice.
            Malthouse Theatre and Chunky Move invite you to an outdoor site-specific performance – a playful and poetic interaction between three dancers and a city. Amidst the performance, as the city changes tempo, awareness of everyday life shifts to reveal the unseen.

Choreography & Direction: Anouk van Dijk
Costume Design: Mel Page
Sound & System Design: Marco Cher-Gibard
Dramaturge: Anny Mokotow
Choreographic Secondment: Luigi Vescio
Performers: James Vu Anh Pham, Niharika Senapati, Tara Jade Samaya

Camera: Matt Richards, Dale Cochrane, Eugene Perepletchikov, Gus Kemp
Editor: James Wright
Format: Canon C300MKII