Chunky Move
An Act of Now
There are over seven billion people living on the planet today. With the world shifting socially, politically and economically at an unprecedented rate, how do we as a race, as a nation and as a community, manage to coexist?            A glasshouse stands isolated – smoke its only visible inhabitant. In a moment of precise, dynamic movement, the veil of smoke is broken. Eight dancers fill the space, drawn to, yet confined by its boundaries. Who will lead? Who will follow? As the balance of power shifts, who will flourish, and ultimately, who will survive?             Presenting the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl in an audacious new light, this production 
has audiences seated on the stage itself. Each individual will watch and listen intimately in on headphones, as the footfalls and reactions of dancers meld with a quietly pulsing score.

17 October 2012
Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Concept & choreography: Anouk van Dijk
Composition & Sound Design: Marcel Wierckx
Costumes: Anna Cordingley
Lighting Design: Niklas Pajanti
Performers: Peter Cseri, Leif Helland, Stephanie Lake, Lauren Langlois, Alya Manzart, James Pham, Niharika Senapati, Nina Wollny

Camera: James Wright, Sky Davies, Simon Walsh, William Gunn
Editor: James Wright
Format: Canon C300