Atlanta Eke 
Miss Universal
Dancer and choreographer Atlanta Eke creates an immersive performance that questions the possibility for universality within contemporary social structures.            Atlanta, joined by dancers Annabelle Balharry, Chloe Chignell and Angela Goh, will journey through a landscape of images, sculpture and transformative material created with visual artist Claire Lambe, accompanied by the captivating live music of Fountain collaborator Daniel Jenatsch. Lighting designer Matthew Adey of House of Vnholy, completes the creative team.

60m 00s
3-12 December 2015
Chunky Move Studios

Concept, Direction & Choreography: Atlanta Eke
Sculptor: Claire Lambe
Lighting Designer: Matthew Adey – House of Vnholy, Atlanta Eke
Composer & Musician: Daniel Jenatsch
Electronic Design and Microcontroller Firmware: Morgan McWaters
Costumes: Atlanta Eke

Camera: James Wright, Eugene Perepletchikov, Polly Stanton
Editor: James Wright
Format: Canon C300MKII