Antony Hamilton
Drift is a poetic musing on a topographical phenomenon; the urban wasteland. Performed at one of the city’s forgotten derelict sites, Drift is a ‘drive-in’ performance where the audience views the work from the seats of their cars.

Created by Antony Hamilton, Drift imagines vast constructed environments as ancient forsaken monuments to human existence. Monuments that collectively malign the cities of the earth, like some epic catacomb for the industrial age. These colossal artifacts, glorious and tragic, appear dormant, destitute relics of a culture extinguished.

Employing retro technology, sound artist Robin Fox’s austere and spartan noise will be transmitted live through the audience car radio, bringing the distant rumblings of the space outside into the driver’s seat. Drift invites us to meditate on the majestic beauty of this remote and hidden world; to gaze out into a haunting, romantic derelict environment, where a fragile human presence is felt.

24 – 27 March 2011
Dance Massive

Choreography and Direction: Antony Hamilton
Performers: Melanie Lane, Lily Paskas, Alisdair Macindoe, Jess Wong
Sound Composition: Robin Fox (additional sound by Clayton Thomas)
Projection Design: Kit Webster
Producer: Kate Ben-Tovim
Additional Management: Paul Summers (Moriarty’s Project)

Camera: Liam Gilmour, James Wright, Eugene Perepletchikov
Editor: James Wright
Format: Canon 5DII