Antony Hamilton —
Black Project 1
Black project 1 is the first work in the black series. Each piece is performed in a black space with black costumes, black make-up and a black set. The black series proposed that by removing colour and tonal variation we somehow address a utopian idea of what it might be to escape context. Despite this being impossible, there are interesting questions raised from the idea. By trying to limit the potential of outside influences or visual references, how much can we view this event on it's own for what it is? Can we look at something and think of nothing else? Can a work or image or sound be truly unique? Can it be the subject of itself, escaping derived meaning and the invitation of comparison?

Black project 1's unique concern in the black series is a focus on choreography as a catalyst for visual design. The work explores a symbiotic relationship between body and space mapped throughout by moments of painting and drawing. The concern with visual distillation has largely been in response to the world of media over-saturation and 'option fatigue'. The works seek to revitalise our ability to reflect on the things we see with greater focus and deliberation. By singularising what we see, we then notice the complexity in simplicity.

7 – 11 March 2012
Arts House 

Choreography & Direction: Antony Hamilton
Artwork, Set Design & Costume Design: Antony Hamilton
Performers: Melanie Lane, Antony Hamilton
Set Fabrication and Production Management: Matthew Scott
Projection Mapping: Olaf Meyer
Music: Mika Vainio, Vainio and Fennesz, Robert Henke

Camera: Eugene Perepletchikov, James Wright
Editor: James Wright